DV Talent is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which everyone feels valued and where the distinctive contributions of each of us are recognised.


For us, valuing diversity means appreciating the many advantages of drawing on the talents, skills, experiences, different cultural perspectives and backgrounds of a diverse workforce, and the benefits of everyone's contribution to the school. It means behaving in a way that promotes respect for individual differences, and the treatment of each person based on their own merit.

DV Talent is an equal opportunities employer and does not unfairly discriminate with regard to staff, students and freelancers on the basis of race, ethnicity, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, experience, opinion, belief or any other factor.

We believe that diversity helps to enable success for our employees and our clients.

Student Selection

Students are assessed as individuals according to their relevant skills, abilities and merits and all have equal access to learning opportunities within the school. We are actively seeking to redress imbalances within the Industry by encouraging dynamic people with appropriate talents and skills to apply, whatever their ethnic or national origin, age, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, religious or political beliefs.

If you have a disability

We want to support talented people who have creative vision, imagination and new ideas, none of which has anything to do with physical ability or fitness. We encourage any disabled applicants to contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss their requirements.