Develop Talent (the new name for DV Talent’s training school) is the UK’s leading training provider for professionals working in the television, film and digital media industries.

We work with all the key broadcasters – the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BSkyB, al Jazeera, UKTV, Discovery and more – independent production companies large and small, and throughout this green and sometimes pleasant land. We also run scores of open courses training hundreds of freelance professionals, nationwide, every year.

What makes us special?

Well, we’ve got a simple USP.

First, our courses are highly practical and focused on the realities of professional production and storytelling – as well as the theory. That means what you learn, is immediately applicable to working life.

Second, our tutors are all leading – and active – figures in their field. So, you’re being taught by some of the most influential executives, producers, writers, journalists, developers and directors working in the industry today. 

Together with our sister divisions, www.thetalentmanager.com and The Kit Room, Develop Talent sits at the heart of the TV and film industry and is one of the most trusted names in the sector. 

Develop Talent is a founder member of MITA (Moving Image Training Alliance) of independent training providers in the audio visual industries.