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A comprehensive introduction to the latest incarnation of Adobe's acclaimed editing platform, Premiere Pro CC, this course will not only teach you how to get the best out of the software, but also develop your ability to craft a story - whether you are editing for broadcast or the web, film or corporate.  The course is structured so that each delegate is taken step-by-step through the editing software, from the basic set-up,  workflow and project management to progressively more sophisticated tools and techniques - including shortcuts, basic effects and compression methods - working on projects as they go so that they are implementing immediately what  they are taught. 

Producers, directors, APs, researchers and others looking to learn the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 interface including shortcuts and better workflow management in order to edit rough cuts or taster tapes. The course is also beneficial for those looking to improve their directing skills by acquiring a better understanding of how sequences are put together. This course is particularly aimed at those multi-skilling film-makers looking to develop their versatility, creativity and employability. 

None. Some participants may have extensive experience of sitting in on edits, while others may have taught themselves (or been taught) rudimentary Premiere Pro (or another edit software), while yet others may be complete novices. Our small class sizes means we can cater for a breadth of experience and backgrounds while ensuring each person gets plenty of one-on-one input from the tutor. 

DAY ONEIntroduction• Non-Linear Editing • Formats, Codecs and video standards • The video editing workflow • Understanding projects, sequences and clips.The Premiere Interface• Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels • Supplementary panels (Effects Controls, Audio, Metadata, Media Browser, Effects and History panels) • The Tools Panel and the audio metersImporting and organising your footage• Importing single and multiple files and folders • Using bins and renaming clips • Adding metadata to clips • Using the Media Browser • Creating subclips • The Speech Analysis toolBasic Editing Skills• Creating a new sequence using your clips settings • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel • Playback and marking shortcuts • Three point and drag-and-drop editing • Understanding an insert and overwrite edit • Viewing a waveform and editing audio • Working with different image formatsEditing in the Timeline• Rearranging clips in the timeline • Editing in and out points • Copying and pasting clips • Understanding tracks and using track select • Ripple and roll edits • Using the razor blade • Modifying clip speedDAY TWOWorking with audio• Setting correct audio levels • Mixing audio and using the pen tool • Syncing audio using markersUsing Effects to refine your project• Adding transitions • Adding titles, crawls and rolls • Fixing exposure, saturation and colour balance using the three way colour corrector • Fixing common audio issues using audio filters • Keying (Blue/Green screen) • Understanding rendering and realtime playbackCapturing and converting footage• Capturing from tape based media • Ingesting from hard drive and solid state based cameras • Converting files using Adobe Media EncoderMotion Control• In-depth Motion Controls • Using keyframes to animate • Controlling multiple clips and nestingExporting your project• Importing from and exporting to Avid and Final Cut • Understanding formats and presets • Exporting to the web for H264 or Flash based sites • Exporting for PC and MAC playback • Creating files ready for DVD • Exporting for broadcastTips and common problems• Resetting your preferences file • Moving and relinking source files • The auto-save vault

Our tutors are all award-winning, acclaimed and active editors, whose credits range from Dispatches and Cutting Edges to music videos and commercials, from TV dramas like Dr Who to feature films and shorts. 

Do I need to bring anything to the course?It’s advisable to bring a pen and some notepaper. Otherwise, all you need is a receptive mind and your energy and enthusiasm.Is lunch provided?We keep you replenished with teas, coffee, biscuits and fruit. We don’t provide lunch – although there are a number of sandwich shops, cafes, restaurants close by, as well as a supermarket.What if I have to cancel?If you cancel more than 10 working days before the course date, you will get a full refund. If you cancel with less than 10 days' notice, or once the course has been confirmed, the full course fees are still due. We will however endeavour to get you onto to a future course as and when we have a spare space. Although this cannot be guaranteed and will usually involve you being offered the place at short notice, we have a great track record of making sure people get their training – even it takes a bit of time.

Maximum 8 people but usually 4-6.


10:00-17:30 (please arrive 15 minutes early for induction on the first day) 


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