Joe Pomeroy

Joe graduated with a history degree, but it was always a burning desire for him to work within film and television. Working as a runner/camera assistant in both production and post production over the last few years, now at DV Talent he is a kit hire technician .
Favourite Film or TV Show: Luther- Cool and stylish, Idris Elba brought the maverick cop back to our screens in a big way. 
Top App/ Game:  At the moment I’m addicted to the frustratingly brilliant Pivot game for the Iphone, it’s free and kills my commute.
Guilty pleasure: Cheesy American TV shows like New Girl and 90210.
Your 15 seconds of fame: I met Masood ( the postman from Eastenders) on the set of Eastenders whilst filming a BBC drama promo, I shook his hand and he remarked that I had a shaky hand. Little did he know that I wasn’t star struck but had been operating the boom pole for most of the day!










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