CC-TV: Looking out for Leaders in TV - £2700.00

The TV industry is changing. And fast. This major new business and management training programme is designed to help the next generation of creative leaders adapt and thrive.

Building on the success of CCTV2011, this pioneering 6 month scheme will equip a select group of 20 ambitious executives, entrepreneurs and producers with core skills for managing and leading creative organisations, as well as the commercial and financial knowledge for building a successful TV business in the rapidly evolving digital world.

It will offer:

• 1:1 mentoring from some of the industry's most influential figures
• A 360° understanding of the evolving business of TV through masterclasses and workshops
• The skills needed to analyse and implement business opportunities, devise and execute a business plan
• The opportunity to raise your profile and expand your network of useful industry contacts

It is substantially funded by Creative Skillset's TV Skills Fund, and has wide industry support, from Lee & Thompson, the leading media law firm and Grant Thornton, auditors, accountants, and leading business advisers to SMEs in the TV sector, and PACT, the UK trade association representing the commercial interests of independent TV, feature film, digital, children's and animation companies.

It will be designed and delivered by Jill Tandy (consultant specialising in talent development and training programmes for senior film and TV professionals), DV Talent (the leading independent training provider and career agency for creative media professionals), in collaboration with Professor John Bates, Fellow, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, and executive coaches: Janet Evans (Adsum Consulting), Steve Turner (Learnlab) and Clare Brigstocke.

Duration                     9 days over 6 months, plus mentoring and ad hoc masterclasses
Class size:                   20 

Cost:                             £2250 plus Vat

This scheme is heavily funded by Creative Skillset's TV Skills Fund - so participant fees are a fraction of the real cost.

The course is being run in partnership Lee & Thompson, and supported by Grant Thornton and Pact. 

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For more information, please visit the CC-TV website 

Applications for 2013 are now closed

To apply for 2014 email

Who it's for?

Are you committed to succeeding in the UK television business?
Are you facing challenges in your career or your business?
Are you looking to keep up with the sweeping changes besetting the broadcast industry?
Do you want support to move forward and effect change?
Do you want to expand your cutting edge knowledge of the international business of television; learn how to identify and implement new business opportunities; understand how to be a good leader and manage an effective team; extend your useful contact network and raise your profile in the industry?

If so, CC-TV is for you.

We are looking for a complementary cohort of 20 ambitious participants determined to succeed in any sector of the TV industry.

You may be an executive, a producer or another creative entrepreneur. You may be working independently or encouraged to apply by your employer. You may be working in any programme genre, or in any field, including production, broadcasting, exploitation of ancillary rights, marketing, corporate affairs, sales, legal, finance, or even in an associated industry.

You will need to demonstrate a proven track record in your area of expertise, excellent communication skills and, above all, the motivation to succeed.

Whilst this programme is open to applicants at all levels of seniority, we would recommend that at least three years' relevant experience and a good working knowledge of the industry is required to obtain the full benefit from it.


You will need to have a proven track-record at a senior level in TV - or related industry. 

You must be either a national or resident of the UK

Rationale & Aims

The rapid changes occurring in every aspect of the TV business, coupled with increasing international competition and competition from other sources of entertainment make it more and more difficult for those leading and managing creative companies to keep up to date, let alone apply their knowledge to developing their own careers and businesses. 

Evolving technology, reduced financing from traditional UK sources, new ways of consuming and distributing content, the changing regulatory and legal environment, all mean that creative leaders - whether content creators or exploiters, whether producers, executives or other entrepreneurial creatives - cannot simply continue to work in the same way as they have historically.

Those who operate in smaller companies or independently in particular find it increasingly difficult to be able to reflect on their careers and businesses, and find the right opportunities to prosper.

CCTV: Looking out for leaders in TV seeks to address that with the help of one-on-one mentoring delivered by many of the industry's best-known and most successful executives. This will be complemented by the development of leadership skills and cutting edge business knowledge through a structured training programme delivered by a broad array of leading practitioners from across the genres and value chain.

Details of Programme

Its aims are to:

• increase participants' self-awareness, develop their leadership skills and provide the opportunities and support for them to consider the correct career choices;
• develop their practical understanding of the international business of television, including the global market place and key players, new funding structures and financing sources, the changing legal and regulatory environment, producing, packaging and positioning the right content and ancillary rights for success, evolving methods and approaches to production and exploitation in the digital era and changing patterns of consumption;
• provide them with tools to analyse their own business environment, and take advantage of them practically, whilst giving them the confidence to challenge accepted ways of thinking;
• raise their profile in the industry;
• extend their useful cross-industry contact network

Course Content

The programme will be delivered over 6 months from April - October 2013 and contain the following components :

  • 1:1 mentoring with a senior industry mentor matched with the participant’s needs (we have recruited 20 high level mentors who are CEOs and department heads from a broad range of companies, genres and disciplines)
  • Creation of cross-industry peer network
  • 3 days' intensive strategic training in how to build a creative business, put together and  lead a team and develop a  business plan, delivered by professors from the London Business School
  • 4 days' practical business training: a series of masterclasses and meetings with senior industry practitioners on key topics ( the international market place; working with US and UK broadcasters; developing, packaging and financing content; building a business, raising finance and packaging a business for sale and what the digital future holds
  • 2 days' workshops and training on effective leadership in creative businesses
  • Additional optional masterclasses on a variety of leadership and business related subjects.
  • Evening learning groups to deal with leadership and business issues
  • A concerted marketing and advertising plan to raise the profile of the scheme and the participants
  • Networking events, industry meetings  and reading materials
  • Access to a private intranet with information and communication tools

Venue & Times

Location:            Central London

Key Dates:          24-26 April 2013
                             1-3 July 2013
                             30 Sept - 2 October 2013

Speakers & Mentors

  • Anna Higgs, commissioning executive, Film4.0
  • Christine Corner, partner, Grant Thornton
  • Jeremy Gawade, partner, Lee and Thompson
  • John Smithson, creative director, Arrow Media
  • Ken Anderson, Executive Director & Chief Creative Officer – August Media Holdings
  • Laura Mansfield, managing director, Outline productions
  • Lorraine Heggessey, executive chair, Boom Pictures
  • Louise Pedersen, managing director, ALL3MEDIA International
  • Melanie Leach, managing director, Twofour
  • Murray Ferguson, chief executive, Clerkenwell Films
  • Paul Trijbits, executive producer
  • Richard Bradley, managing director, Lion Television
  • Cat Lewis, CEO and Executive Producer, Nine Lives Media
  • Richard Davidson-Houston, head of online, Channel 4
  • Richard Lever, partner – head of television group, Lee and Thompson
  • Sebastian Scott, founder, Predictable Media
  • Stephen Lambert, chairman/ chief executive, Studio Lambert
  • Stephen McDonogh, head of co-production funding, content & production, BBC Worldwide
  • Terry Back, partner - media and entertainment group, Grant Thornton


How do I apply? 
Download the application form from the website. 

The application deadline is 22nd February 2013

What is the selection process? 
Around 25 candidates will be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview in London. The successful candidates will be selected on the basis of career background, references and reasons for wishing to attend the programme. We will not be able to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants

Interviews will be held during the week beginning 11th March

CC-TV is heavily subsidised by Creative Skillset’s TV Skills Fund and means participants on the scheme will have to pay a fee of just £2250 plus VAT.

If you are offered a place on the programme, all fees must be paid in full by 1st April 2013 or your place will be offered to another applicant. The fee covers programme participation and documentation and certain meals, but not travel or accommodation.


What others say about this course

I can confidently say that CC-TV is the singular, most important thing I could have done at this stage of my career. I’ve found myself immersed in a world and with people that would be impossible to achieve in any other way. I can’t think of a high profile, leading television professional based in the UK that we haven’t had access to. Exploring the nuts and bolts of the UK and international elements of the industry is obviously tremendously valuable. It’s no exaggeration to say that I put that knowledge to use on a daily basis. It’s given me a much broader understanding of the business at a macro level, with a better understanding of broadcasters, distributors, producers and studios and each of their agendas. Crucially, however, the programme is as inspiring as it is practical. The contact we've had with the industry’s most formative personalities has been astounding.
Moreover, as an in-house lawyer, being able to talk to an entire cross section of delegates has helped to give me a grounding in areas outside of my usual specialism. We now have a solid network that I know will survive well beyond the official end of the programme. If I have an issue on a particular element of format exploitation, for example, I’ll have a name that I can call for a friendly, off-the-record conversation – and vice-versa. I can’t overstate the value of this. CCTV has been career changing. I’m very grateful to have taken part.

Dan Cheesbrough
Head of Business Affairs
Big Talk

CCTV left a real legacy for me and for Lambent. It opened my mind to opportunities I hadn’t imagined, introduced me to people who have had a formative influence on our progress, and left me with thoughts and ideas that still inform what we do and how we do it. Our onward journey is now fuelled by that experience and is all the better for it.
Emma Wakefield
Managing Director
Lambent Productions

The CC-TV course was an incredibly useful and remarkably comprehensive grounding in every aspect of the business of television – from finance sources to international sales, from legal and compliance to leadership skills. If there was a University of Television, this would be their MBA.

Mark Downie
Head of Factual
Maverick TV

Now that the dust has had time to settle, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a heartfelt 'thank you' for all the hard work, real interest, unbelievable kindness and amazing support that you put into the CC-TV course.
All of us gained something very unique from it - the benefits of which will unfold and evolve in the months to come in an intriguing (and hopefully profitable) way.

Erica Wolfe-Murray
Lola Media

Coming from a background in programme making there aren't many opportunities to learn the business skills needed to move up in the industry. CCTV gave me an in depth understanding of the business side of television that I'm not sure you could get anywhere else. The London Business School training alone was well worth the cost of the course but there was so much more too. The guest speakers were incredibly generous with the honest way they spoke about their own business stories. The network of colleagues that I've met from around the industry will remain a valuable asset. I am certain that the course has made an immediate and lasting impact on my career and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting into the business side of the industry.

Carolyn Payne
Executive Producer

No one ever teaches you how to be an exec in TV, so you never know if you are doing it right. CC-TV was an unique opportunity to get some confidence and learn more about every aspect of business from industry leaders and experts.

Susie Dark
Managing Director
Summer Films

CCTV gave me the skills, experience and most importantly the confidence to move on to the type of role in the industry I always wanted but never felt ready for, when I finished the programme I secured a new role within three months of finishing the course. I also made a huge amount of new contacts and also some really good friends CCTV really has set me up for the next stage in my career, I can't recommend the experience enough.

Jamie Hall
Group head of production
Lime Pictures

CCTV was one of the best things that I've done in my professional life. As with many people at a senior level in TV I'd had no formal training and had ended up running a business by just picking it up as I went along. CCTV gave me the opportunity to hone and grow my skills with focused sessions on wide ranging aspects of the industry, plus one to one coaching which helped me to work out my personal goals going forward and most importantly how to achieve them. But best of all I got to meet my peers and grow a fantastic network and support group, including great mentors, who I still see and speak to regularly 3 years on.

Claire Featherstone
Director of Productions and Operations
Flame TV 

The CCTV course offered me a wealth of experiences, contacts and opportunities that have helped define my career ever since. It not only encouraged me to think of new ways to meet the challenges of an ever evolving industry, but equipped me with the tools, the advice and confidence to apply this. It also introduced me to a remarkable cross section of peers in the industry, building strong relationships that continue to play a really valuable part in my day to day working life.

Ollie Tait
Executive Producer
ITV Studios



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