Editing on Final Cut Pro 7 - £843.00

FCP7 is the Apple software of choice for professional editors. And there are lots and lots of places that offering training on it. 

What makes our course stand out is the fact that our tutors are all acclaimed, award-winning and current professional editors - working in film, television and commercials - and the fact that our course is as much about the editorial as the technical. Knowing which buttons to push and how to use the interface is only the first step to editing; you also need to understand how to cut shots together, build sequences and tell a story - the craft of editing.

Our course combines both elements - the how, and the why - of editing, which is why it's become the most popular desktop editing course of its kind for multi-skilling, professional programme-makers. 

The course is completely hands-on: so you learn by doing, working on rushes from actual broadcast programmes and commercials, at your own pace within a small, classroom environment. 

Duration                     2 days
Class Size:                   6 maximum 
Cost:                             £695 plus VAT


Register your interest by emailing training@dvtalent.co.uk

Who It's For?

Producers, directors, APs, researchers and others looking to learn the FCP interface including shortcuts and better workflow management in order to edit rough cuts or taster tapes. The course is also beneficial for those looking to improve their directing skills by acquiring a better understanding of how sequences are put together. 


None. Many participants have either sat in lots of edits or taught themselves (or been taught) rudimentary FCP, while others are complete novices. Our small class sizes means we can cater for all while giving everyone plenty of one-on-one. 


By the end of the course you will be able to edit together short sequences on Final Cut Pro, create a project and manage your workflow.  You will also have an awareness of how to make the most of your footage and tell a story visually.

Course Content

  • Creating a Project:  how to set up and manage your media, create an efficient workflow; organise bins and timelines to best effect; creating a folder hierarchy, copying/Moving a project; deleting media and keeping your project tidy.
  • Importing Media:  how to import and capture footage from different sources.
  • The Fundamentals of editing:  playing clips in the viewer; creating, marking clips and making sub-clips; making overwrite edits and inserting clips; manipulating clips and editing in the timeline; replacing edits, deleting clips and single-sided and two-sided trimming.
  • Customising your project and getting to know the interface and shortcuts.
  • Working with Text and adding graphics:  text generators, adding motion to text, creating an animated title and working with Live Type.
  • Basic sound mixing
  • Finishing and Outputting:  import media, export media for a variety of projects.
  • How to manage your project and meet the objectives of your programme.

Venue & Times

Location:             DV Talent

                            6 Waterson Street
                            E2 8HL

Times:                 10am - 5:30pm       (please arrive 15 minutes early for induction on the first day) 



Our roster of tutors are all award-winning editors - whose credits range from Dispatches and Cutting Edges to music videos and commercials, from Dr Who to feature films. 


Do I need to bring anything to the course?
It’s advisable to bring a pen and some notepaper. Otherwise, all you need is a receptive mind and your energy and enthusiasm.

Is lunch provided?
We keep you replenished with teas, coffee, biscuits and fruit. We don’t provide lunch – although there are a number of sandwich shops, cafes, restaurants close by, as well as a supermarket.

What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel more than 10 working days before the course date, you will get a full refund. If you cancel with less than 10 days' notice, or once the course has been confirmed, the full course fees are still due. We will however endeavour to get you onto to a future course as and when we have a spare space. Although this cannot be guaranteed and will usually involve you being offered the place at short notice, we have a great track record of making sure people get their training – even it takes a bit of time.

What others say about this course

'I loved it. Would highly recommend'

Lucy Parkes, Producer/ Director

'Brilliant insight into a world of endless editing possibilities.'

- Raymond Dyer, Editorial Assistant

'Excellent value for money – probably the best investment I’ve made all year'

Sarah Hunt, Designer/ Editor

'Fantastic. I never knew I could learn so much in two days'

Marisa Merry, Producer/ Director

"in depth, very clear and considered. Incredibily well tailored. Excellent tutor"

- Minki Spiro, Director

"Great, lots of 'hands on' learning. Clear intructions"

- Ailsa Fereday, Assistant Producer



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