Shoot & Direct: Canon C300 - £954.00

With its shallow depth of field and progressive look, the Canon EOS C-300 is perfectly equipped to deliver glossy, feature film-style footage without needing a feature film-sized budget. Little wonder it's taken the TV industry by storm.

But actually getting that look – and the practicalities of filming with the camera, particularly observational action ... well, that’s less straightforward.

So, we’ve developed a new Shooting and Directing course to help you overcome those challenges, and teach experienced camera ops how to get the best out of the C300, from the technical set up to choosing the best lenses, from the workflow to filming uncontrollable action.

By the end of the 2 days, you’ll be confident to start filming on one of the most exciting and in-demand new cameras of recent years.

Duration                    2 days
Class size:                  6 
Cost:                           £795 plus VAT


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Who it's for?

Camera ops, producer/ directors, APs or similar wanting to learn how to use C300 in the field. The course covers both how to get that filmic 'look' with the camera, as well as the practical challenges when filming observationally. 


Familiarity with the technical aspects of setting up and using an HD or SD video camera, and experience of filming for broadcast or online. 


Delegates will come away knowing how to set-up and film with the Canon C300, choosing and using lenses, rigs and matte boxes, handling location sound and managing the tapeless workflow. 

Course Content

• An overview of the camera and its extras
• Setting up the camera with rigs, brace, tripods etc
• Using matte boxes and filters
• Setting up menus, including recording quality for video, custom functions, and frame rates
• Tapeless recording: using compact flash cards, including which ones to use
• Exposure, shutter speed, ISO settings and white balance
• Making best use of available light
• The best lenses for using with this camera
• Audio recording- the options available, avoiding pitfalls, and recommendations.
• Ingesting footage and transcoding for the edit

Venue & Times

Location:             DV Talent

                            6 Waterson Street
                            E2 8HL

Times:                 10am - 5:30pm
                             (please arrive 15 minutes early for induction on the first day) 


Our tutors are all top-end directors and programme-makers.


Do I need to bring anything to the course?
It’s advisable to bring a pen and some notepaper. Otherwise, all you need is a receptive mind and your energy and enthusiasm.

Is lunch provided?
We keep you replenished with teas, coffee, biscuits and fruit. We don’t provide lunch – although there are a number of sandwich shops, cafes, restaurants close by, as well as a supermarket.

What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel more than 10 working days before the course date, you will get a full refund. If you cancel with less notice, or once the course has been confirmed the full course fees are still due. We will however endeavour to get you onto to a future course as and when we have a spare space. Although this cannot be guaranteed and will usually involve you being offered the place at short notice, we have a great track record of making sure people get their training – even it takes a bit of time.

What others say about this course

"Really informative and Im now far more confident using the C300-Exellent two days. Big fan of the manual to which we could add additional notes"

Lydia Morris, Runner

"I thought it was great. Steve (the Tutor) set a good pace for learning and explained everything fully."

Thomas Wilson, Runner

"Very good, thorough with a good amouint of pratice time"

Bradly Fry, AP

"Very impressed with the knowledge of our instructor, very friendly.'

Roy Henry, Digital Producer

"Very useful course, would recommend to anyone wishing to get to grips with the C300"

Kate Baller, Producer/Director 

"Great for those that haven't used the C300 before, I feel confident now in using the C300'

Euan, AP

"Very hands on course, really impressive"

Susannah Thraves, Development Reseacher 

"Daunting at first but there was a lot to learn and happy to be taught by an award winning expert!"

Ethel Mercedes, Team Assistant, Channel Management

''I recommend everyone to do this course if they need to go out and film. You acquire great skils in 2 days!''

Leanna Smith, Genre Assistant

''Excellent, I learnt more in 2 days then I have in the past 4 years on shoots''

-Dwayne Eaton, AP

"Fantastic! Very Structured, well thought out course with the perfect balance of practical and theory teaching."

- Alexander Lawson, Production Assistant

"Very good. Very practical. Exactly what I needed."

- Amelia Granville

"Great - really informative. I learnt a lot and feel a lot more confident to pick up a camera and shoot. I feel both the technical & editorial aspects were really useful."

- Felicity Cross, Researcher

"Thorough and fun. Good mix of practical and theory. Learnt how to use a c300 from never having picked one up before this weekend."

- Matthew Stevens, AP

"The course was well structured. It covered the anatomy of the C300 itself well & what to do with it with humour and interest. Ed was fantastic. The most integral info I have gleaned is an understanding of the detachable lenses, focal lengths and depth of field & how those elements impact the final shot."

- Michelle C. Alister, DV Director

"Loved it. Had no idea it would be so engaging and enjoyable. I came with little to nothing on knowing how to handle a camera, never mind a C300. I feel that after 2 days I have the confidence to go and shoot my own material and continue to learn.  Ed made something that appeared daunting so enjoyable. He was fantastic and a great mentor."

- Andrew Tully, Assistant Producer

"The course was practical and theoretical, a good mix of Ed's expertise and our own trial and error."

- Keoni Kailimai, AP/ PA

"Excellent, well constructed and covered in detail."

- Tasneem Maqsood, Assistant Producer

"Really good and informative. Nice, small class."

- Laura Arksey, Office Runner

"Really positive - enjoyed it and learned a lot - pleased to get an overview of C300 and shooting in general."

- Ed Wright, Assistant Producer

"Great, really useful, feel like I will use everything discussed."

- Sarah Muhsen, Snr. Researcher

"It was a good balance of filmmaking and technical."

- Helen Through, Producer

"V good, thorough. Feel as though I'm leaving with a good level of understanding of the C300."

- Ami Jackson, Series Producer

"The hands on camera experience and lighting discussions were all very helpful and informative & I feel I'm leaving with some practical knowledge I can put into practice."

- Claire O'Sullivan, P/D

"Good level of flexibility, enjoyed 'curiosity-led' learning."

- James Shelton, P/D

"Was a brilliant course, and the tutor was excellent. He was a complete novice so  the course was perfectly pitched to any ability."

- Julie Shaw , Series Producer

"Sean was constantly engaged and knowledgeable. A real treat."

- Todd Baxter, Manager of Image and Sound, CNN

''Good level of detail. Lots of questions answered. You always need more time to practice but the technical stuff on day one was invaluable.'' 

- Ally Roberts, Producer 

''Sean was an excellent tutor. [He] explained things v clearly and very good individual attention and promose of help going forward.''

- Jessica Stevenson, DV Director

''Great. Really enjoyable and helpful.''

- Laurence Durkin, Researcher 

''Excellent. Very thorough. Lots of trick of the trade when shooting with the C300.''

- Tim Maynard, Producer, ITN

''Fantastic, good exercises and mixture of practical and technical. The directing advice was most useful - how to build a sequence and what shots work well - as well as becoming familiar with the C300.'' 

- Jamie Welham, Producer 

''It was brilliant having a small group. Great tutor - offering personal tips and advice.'' 

- Nicola Barnes, Shooting AP

"Good, very knowledgable tutor - thorough coverage of camera functions and settings."

Darren Francis, PD

"All the information given and equiptment supplied really helped gain a full understanding of this camera's possibilities."

Katie Kinnaird, PD and Edit Producer 

"Well run and extremely useful in learning the nuts and bolts of the C300."

- Nick London, Producer/Director

"The course has been extremely helpful, covering a whole range of issues for self shooting, both techincal and creative."

-Steve Smith, Director

"Good number of delegates. Good number of cameras. Good tutor - great to have a good working cameraman to give up to the minute practical tip"

- Paul Morten, Shooting PD

"Really useful, great teaching, good atmosphere"

- Jerome Evans, Shooting PD

"It was excellent! I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Both the practical and theoretical teaching has been invaluable"

Rhys James, Producer

"Very postive. A friendly well paced course. Extremely informative. Tutor  was really knowledgeable  with extensive 'hands on' experience"

-Carl Bently, Cameraman

"It was as advertised. An excellent overview of the cameras capabilities, plus specifics on the basics required to do simple shots"

Kenny Scott, Director

"Very informative, in depth and detailed. Felt like everything was covered. Lots of opportunities to ask questions or go over anyhing we were unsure about. All of it was indespensable, I enjoyed the refresher on sound, exposure and technical aspects"

- Zenia Selby, Researcher

"It really restored my confidence working with Canon cameras. I revised knowledge I had partially forgotten and now I finally understand how to use lenses." 

- Margherita Manizza, Associate Producer

"Good balance between Theory, Practice and Storytelling"

- James Dayani, AP/Producer

'Comprehensive. Good balance of technical, editorial, structure and composition. Good overview of C300 and Brian placed good emphasis on general principals that are applicable across all cameras.'

- Alice Shein, Filmmaker/Producer

'Great, great great! Loved it. Teaching was thorough, very clear & patient'

- Alice McShane, Assistant Producer

'I like that it was intimate. Well organised, relaxed and informal.'

- Harriet Scott, Series Editor

'Very good - good balance of storytelling and technical'




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